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How does Pottery To Go Work?

PLEASE NOTE:  Due to the small size of our studio, we are only doing painting by appointment and are still offering curbside pickup and drop off.

Reservations can be made for either:

Tuesdays: 6pm-9pm

Saturdays: 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm

Sundays: 10am-12pm or 1pm-3pm

For those that have painted at Ceramic Zone before, you know that our prices are all inclusive - meaning the bisque, paints, and firing are all included. 

For those choosing to paint in the studio, masks are required.

Our pottery to go is priced the same way.

If your selected piece requires plug in plastic bulbs, or light kits, that is all included in the price.

If you select a Christmas Tree and want snow, that is included too.  Super Easy, and a convenient alternative to painting at our studio.

How to order Pottery to Go

Step #1 - Pick your Piece(s)

We have lots to choose from.  You can even visit our Facebook page


to view videos of most of the studio items (some aren't even listed here)

Step #2 - Browse our listings

Select the piece(s) you want and add to cart.  Local Pickup, then Checkout.  If you want to order something that you don't see on this site, contact me at:  kjonescz@gmail.com, and if I have it in stock I can send you an invoice for it.

Step #3 - Send me your color choices

I couldn't figure out how to add this to the checkout, so once your checkout is complete, you can just send me an email to:  kjonescz@gmail.com and list which 4 colors you want for each project.  Don't include black.  I will send black with each order.

If you don't want to pick your own colors, let me know, and I will choose colors for you.

Most listings will state what paint options are available.

Step #4 Arrange for curbside pickup

Once I have your projects wrapped, and all paints and brushes bagged up, I will contact you to coordinate tour pickup.

Step #5 The Fun Begins

When ready to start painting, gently unwrap your pieces, and start painting.  Remember for glazes (fired paints), 1 coat will look like watercolors, but 3 coats is the ideal number of coats to use (no more) to avoid brush strokes and keep a uniform color.  When painting colors over other colors, please paint lighter colors first than work your way up to dark colors, using black last.

Rules are similar when painting with acrylics, except only one coat is needed, and instead of returning to me to fire, you will apply a clear coat. No need to return your pieces to me.  

Step #6 - Allow pieces to dry completely

For glazes- Your pieces will dry super fast, but please wait for them to be completely dry to wrap up.

When done, you can return to Ceramic Zone, with any unused paints, and brushes. We are currently open for pickups/dropoffs on Saturdays and Sunday from 10-3, but can work with you if that time does not work. 

For Acrylics- allow to dry completely before applying your brush on clear coat.

Larger Color Charts can be viewed at: 


Color Choices available

Glaze Color Choices (fired paints)

Acrylic Paint Color Choice (non-fired paints)


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